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My life has been just a little hectic lately. I’ve got a toddler who wants to be outside helping dad do work on the house (which is looking great). I’ve got a baby who I swear has gone through a few growth spurts already at 2.5 months old. My sleep comes and goes along with my focus so trying to keep up with boys, errands, book writing and developing everything else. Whew! I may have more irons in the fire than I should. But I guess life doesn’t really slow down so i’ll learn how to manage my crazy better. But goodness, for days like today when I need to get cooper to his playtime and home in time for lunch without a meltdown and a nap, thank goodness for online groceries and pickup.

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I a Midwest girl. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. Some hobbies include cooking, reading, and personal development. I love to listen to podcasts. I've always been good at helping people with life advice. I am a wife, mom, sister and daughter. I have two young boys and husband who keep me on my toes. Passions include helping those with self image issues move past them.

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