Baby Steps

For a while, my mission has been to help people find their inner confidence regardless of their exterior appearance. So yes, I really want to help those with scars, burns, birthmarks or whatever else people find to feed their lack of confidence as I have for so many years. But yes, I really want to help anyone do this who needs it. I also generally don’t go anywhere without a little makeup on for scar cover up. Then I had a phone call and I was discussing the amount of times that I have really ever been out without even a little something on. MAYBE a handful of times.

So what did I do? I decided it was time to put some intention behind it. I washed my face Sunday morning, and threw my hair up. That’s it. And yes I did leave the house. I was self conscious the whole time. BUT I SURVIVED. As I did the other times I did this. Not to say nobody had a questions, thoughts, or anything else. Was I in my own head? Of course I was. I had to remind myself multiple times that anyone who cared about me, didn’t care about what I looked like.

Through the many podcasts I listen to of business people, influential people or whatever interest they provide for me, is that they are all self conscious about something. (and these are some highly influential people) They all say people assume they don’t get self conscious anymore or they don’t get nervous about things. They absolutely do, they have just learned how to get past it or control it. That is what I have found to be true. Unfortunately, we don’t have any control or get to decide what anyone thinks of us or this world would be drastically different. We do however have the control over what we decide to think of ourselves. Which if we can learn to not think poorly of ourselves can result in a good dose of confidence.

I did exactly that, I chose to look past what I figured everyone was thinking since that is out of my control and I went on with my day. AND LIVED THROUGH IT!!

No matter what, people WILL make comments, good or bad. They will also look at you and make a judgement, good or bad. They may or may not know you. You know yourself, if your opinion of yourself needs to be fixed, fix it. But that is the one that ultimately matters the most. Maybe it takes baby steps to get to that point, that’s okay. That’s what it took for me and i’ll continue to take them.

What will it take for you?

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I a Midwest girl. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. Some hobbies include cooking, reading, and personal development. I love to listen to podcasts. I've always been good at helping people with life advice. I am a wife, mom, sister and daughter. I have two young boys and husband who keep me on my toes. Passions include helping those with self image issues move past them.

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