Behind the Launch

Launch day came and I was excited. Finally able to share some more work with the world. I have worked on this book for years and reformatted and rewrote it multiple times. Getting it out is all I can think about. I worked on the press release, contacted blogs to be a guess and promote. I had gradually mentioned it on my own media pages and now was the time. It was different from what I expected. I wasn’t having a formal book signing anywhere because I didn’t have any in print yet. Digital version is pretty widely used so I wasn’t as worried.

I already had a few people reading through so they could leave me some reviews and help with the rating. I was nervous because they hadn’t done that yet. Having the book newly out in public with the first people reading was nerve wrecking. What did they think? Did they like it? Were they done?

Then I needed to get my website fixed so it was able to be downloaded into PDF form. Well, I got the PayPal form done, but I couldn’t get the page set up for single card payments. Thank goodness I had someone trying it form me to tell me it wasn’t working right. Then I tried to do it myself, the proceed to check out redirected to my home page. WHAT?! I went to customer service on my website host in search for help. Luckily it was a couple of settings I needed to change or didn’t know needed finished.

Around five o’ clock I looked at my tracker to see the copies sold. Not as many as I would like but still some. My immediate reaction was disappointment. Then I thought to myself, “Its not one day and done.” I thought about when actors go to promote their movie, they don’t just release it to theaters and call it good. They make a guest appearance on talks shows, radio shows, podcasts to market and promote the movie. It’s a continuous thing. I had interviews and guest appearances lined up and I was getting more.

I reminded myself this as a learning thing and I can make it work. Just don’t stop and keep working at it. Each day came with a new thing I realized I needed to look up and learn. The best part about all this, it was fun and exciting. Not to say it wasn’t stressful. I was enjoying the process of learning how to do it. Learning what to do before the next launch when that comes eventually.

When having products for sale, I’ve always been terrified of the “pushy” part. This is some of what has stopped me before, I can’t stand feeling like I’m pushing it. This time, I don’t feel that part. I’m so excited to talk about this book, for people to read it and get to know me better. I’m excited for how it will help people. I look at it as providing a needed service instead of pushing a product. I used to be afraid to talk bout anything in front of someone that I did. Now its just me talking about something I’m doing and excited about and sharing that journey with the people who want to come along.

This process has been hectic, chaotic, all-consuming, but so exciting and rewarding. I’ve absolutely had to deal with fear and doubt this week but I have chosen to push those down. I don’t have time or energy for that.

Onward and Up!

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