I am from Kansas. I was born with a birthmark which was removed through many different procedures. I now have scars which for a long time I have let define me (and not in a great way). I’ve recently shifted this thinking and found confidence to use my experiences to help others look past their physical imperfections to find their own confidence.

I’ve been in a couple different areas of healthcare in college and since graduating and nothing has really been a good fit. I have a degree in Family Studies and Human Services form K-State. I also have a secondary degree in Gerontology (study of the aging) I’ve always had an interest in helping people and working with them for that matter.

Getting the guts to finally put myself out there and inspire others through my experience has taken me a long time. I’ve had a lot of different experiences in the past decade to learn about myself and find my strengths and passions. As you can probably tell its been a bit of a journey which will never end. My passion is to help people shift their mindset. I want to teach people the tips, habits, and tools I’ve learned and use daily to keep my mindset in check….and positive.


I am not a doctor, therapist, or contain any licenses. Advice is based on personal experience