Count Your Blessings

Yes, as I write this on Thanksgiving, it will be a post themed as such. Lately we’ve been crazy at our house not only with the start of holiday season, but weddings and what seems the endless doctor appointments that always seem to come at the same time. This month included a couple extra’s we weren’t expecting. We were informed that little baby Luke would benefit from a helmet to help with the proper growth of his massive head. This kid’s head never fit through newborn regular onsies unless they had buttons or zipped up if that gives you an idea.

At first this really upset me. Until recently I’d thought helmets were for babies who had a disorder of some sort. (I now know better) That being said, I had a huge pit in my stomach as I made the calls for the consults. I couldn’t help think about myself as a baby and the decisions my parents had to make for me to get surgery as a baby/infant/toddler. This is much less drastic. After all, I don’t remember most of my surgeries and Luke wouldn’t remember the next coming months, it was harder on my parents as it will be on us. I then saw a post of a mom I know who has a baby who is going through much more and her baby just received a helmet, she’s extatic with that outcome rather than what she must have expected.

Why do you need to know all that? Because after everything we have going on I sat down after having a rougher day than usual yesterday and thought about all the things I have. Am I excited for this helmet thing? NO, but we’re pretty fortunate if that is the worst thing we have going right now.

Everyone has something or another going on in their lives. Going through your days and weeks can get a little too routine and we loose sight of the small things we like to take for granted. I read another post of someone asking “how do you get through the hard days?” My immediate thought was, you get yourself back to ground level and think about all those things you have, all the things you take for granted and you count your blessings. Yes, you work hard for the things you have. So take a minute, or maybe a little longer to be thankful that your have what you do and you’ve been able to find that opportunity.

No matter what you value, try to take some time to be thankful for those things.

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