Emotions Flying, imagine that

I started chapter one yesterday before having to get Cooper up from a nap. I knew it would be hard to write this since its been, you know, my life. But really digging into some of the emotions and thoughts really got to me yesterday. Maybe because i’m writing about some things I’ve probably never voiced about and the thought of how it will affect the people who also went through that time with me. Makes me really nervous to finish this and for those emotions to go public.

Ya’ll this book is going to be real and raw for me. The thoughts, the fears, and the hardships I’ve gone through internally through my years that I never knew how to voice or really felt comfortable doing so. I’m sure there are lots of people who have similar situations so this is for everyone wanting to share their struggles but not quite ready to dig in. Being able to get to this point has taken me a long time.

Now I know many other people have suffered through much worse and come back from much worse but everyone has their own story. Everyone has their own personal journey and struggles. Someone, somewhere needs to hear what I have to say and what I went through and how I’ve gotten to where I’m at.

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