Good and the (not so) Fun

Finally we have made it to the weekend. Ya’ll my life has just been a circus lately. The weather has gone from 95 and 100% humidity, to 60 and little rain with a tiny bit of sun. Trying to get kids out and about has been a daunting task. Cooper has been going through what has to be a growth-spurt for as much he’s been eating. All he wants is grapes, so he opens the fridge door and just points and says “more.” He’s also currently cutting two teeth so there’s fun in that as well.

This is what happens when he doesn’t get the grapes

Anyway, Good with the bad. This same day but about two hours earlier, we were in decent spirits at the Louisburg Cider Mill. Luke was doing good.

Capture that while I can!

I have been working to secure some speaking opportunities so recording some video’s for that has been experience as well. The recording part easy. Man, getting them into my computer which doesn’t want to cooperate has been really frustrating. But I got it!!

Hopefully the rest of this weekend goes decently well now that its actually not raining on a weekend….whew!

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