Good Kinds of Chaos

As of recently my little family has had a lot on our plate. My husband has been working his butt off to get our house where it needs to be for winter. (which in Kansas who knows if it will be early or hold off) Either way he’s had his hands full between my constant asking what the timeline looks like, his acutal job which is relatively new to him so there’s more stress, and trying to figure out our weekend/holiday/fall travel schedule. I’m trying to keep my toddler on his feet (is that a thing?). Pretty sure he actually keeps me on mine. All while keeping to my infants sort of schedule, more so for feeding. Now that my ebook is done and available i’m working on another one to tell my own story and also speaking to youth.

One could sure say i’m stretched really thin, I’ve got waaaaay to much on my plate and I’m crazy for trying to fit everything in. And then I think more about it and think of how awesome it is that I have all this going on. Sure, its nowhere near easy. But aside from our rough night here and there or just mealtimes in general, we may be doing a whole lot, but none of it is bad. I’m so very fortunate that my husband has the job he has that allows me to be home with my two boys for now. Mornings get rough sometimes trying to get everyone fed, dressed, and errands taken care of. I also get to do the things with them that I get to enjoy.

We were at the Louisburg Cider Mill yesterday in the morning and there were a decent amount of people there for a Monday morning. I thought, wow school is in and there are a suprising amount of kids here that I would think would have school. Now i’m sure there are some kids that are home schooled. Then it was mentioned to me that there might be some field trips too. I thought to myself, it’s really cool that I get to be the one to take my kids and do these activities instead of a daycare doing something like this. It was really fun to take Cooper on the tractor ride since he’s currently obsessed with cars, trucks, tractors, etc.

There are definitely days where I am at my wits end and it takes everything I have not to pull my hair out. I’m so fortunate that I have a husband that works as hard as he does to make our house what we want. I’m so fortunate that I have all the things going on that I do because so many people would love to have these opportunities.

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