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Pivot has been the name of my game lately. What do I mean? I”m talking about having a plan, and then it goes up in smoke more often than not. This is not just a thing with small kids (although it seems to be especially true with them) that try to plan anything and something gets in the way. Then come the excuses as to why we can’t seem to get anything done.

I’ve come to find that in working and not working or having a non traditional job you have to master this skill no matter what. Everyone has a to do list that seems to be never ending. We also have the things we want to do, really should get done, and the ‘my day cannot end without these getting completed.” Depending on that work schedule and other obligations you may have, finding a window to fit all that in can get tricky. There are a couple things i’ve learned to help combat this and keep myself a little more sane and maybe shielded from getting more stressed than necessary.

A. The main player today is learning to pivot. Things will come up, they just will. Most likely at the worst time. Good a or bad, we have so many things pulling at our attention these days. Some things we have to get done at that time or within a short time frame, others are things we do that we enjoy. That thing called living in the moment that gets difficult. (all those lists are still waiting right) Well, i’ve learned to pivot. The balls of my feet are quite worn. I still keep a planner and do my best a planning things. And Yes, obligations I still meet. Sometimes though, days and plans go up in flames. You learn to go with the flow and pivot. You learn to use your time intentionally. (like my last minute later evening trip to walmart last night) No matter what you have going, your have small pockets of time that i’m guessing get spent doing some pointless things that could be better used.

So Yes, pivoting has been the name of my game lately to get all my stuff done. Cleaning, laundry, groceries, unplanned errands or maybe a needed coffee date, whatever it has been. My life is chaotic and I don’t see that ending any time soon. But when something comes up, you deal with it and even through frustrating, you make it work and find those little other pockets of time to use effectively.

B. Learning to use the word “No.” This really is a magical word sometimes. We’re generally pretty awful at using it, (unless your my toddler and thats one of two main words) but we need to get better. We get bombarded with so many things on a daily basis. People wanting us to do all sorts of things. All of these things take time, maybe a couple minutes, or maybe longer. We don’t like to tell people no and have them be disappointed. But realize this, saying yes to something means your saying no to something else.

You don’t have to say no to everything. If you say no to someone who asks you to do something social enough times, they quit asking. So maybe utilize that or don’t. Either way, food for thought. Using the word “no” can be very freeing. Most of the time, its not a big deal, you just feel bad. You’ll most likely get over that part pretty fast.

I’ve found recently that saying no to things and learning to pivot have done me a great deal of good. Its helped me to not have a bad day when things don’t go exactly how i’d like them too, yet still able to get things done. I’ve learned to not take it personally if someone tells me no. It actually helps me to move on and figure something else out.

I will also say, keeping that to do list (maybe a couple) is a big deal. Five doesn’t work, I’ve been there too. I know very few people who don’t get a sense of satisfaction from being able to mark things off their list. Mine is actually paper because i remember things so much better when I can write it down, and then look at it.

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