Here are my presentations:

Self Image:

-Comparison never leads to good places
-You are your own individual-don’t let someone else tell you who that is
-Don’t judge others when you know nothing about them
-If you feel different, use that to show others (and yourself) they aren’t alone


-You are who God made you to be, don’t be afraid to be that person
-Obstacles are a given, lean on your faith and you can do anything
-Don’t settle for less than your best in your life
-Knowing you are “good enough is an ongoing battle”, but worth it

Power of a Positive Mindset

-The way you talk to yourself can change your life
-Don’t let society tell you what you can do and who you should be
-The power of positive thinking and health
-Be around people who empower and energize you

A World of Expectations


-Our expectations of ourselves and others are way too high, lets cut ourselves and them some slack
-We are only human, we can only do so much and still stay sane
-In order to be our best for ourselves, our families and those we care about, we have to learn to prioritize what we do
-We never know what others are going through, lets be a little easier on ourselves and them