The Toastmaster

For those who don’t know. I’m working to do some public speaking to people who have physical imperfections, really of any kind. A year or so ago, I decided joining a local Toastmasters club would probably be a good idea. So I’ve been doing pretty well with my speeches. Another part of Toastmasters is doing well running a meeting, introducing the different sections of the meeting and who will be running that part as well as providing a bit of educational material based on the theme of the meeting.

So Monday night I got to be the Toastmaster and it was quite fun. I got to introduce a member to do the traditional first speech also known as the icebreaker. Introducing those people doing evaluations, and the whole club for the impromptu table topics.

I was quite proud of myself for this meeting. A year ago I went to my first meeting and got up for a table topic and I was shaking, but I got out of my comfort zone for the second time that night, and did it. Now I got up in front of everyone and was the one running the meeting. And I was excited to be doing it!! Not to pat myself on the back, but that’s pretty good.

Next meeting I’m excited to give my presentation speech to them. I get to video myself so I can get the critique I need. I get to watch myself speak……oomph. I guess I’m taking to heart what anyone who’s built a successful personal business says, “get comfortable being uncomfortable.”

Folks, that’s the name of my game lately.

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I a Midwest girl. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. Some hobbies include cooking, reading, and personal development. I love to listen to podcasts. I've always been good at helping people with life advice. I am a wife, mom, sister and daughter. I have two young boys and husband who keep me on my toes. Passions include helping those with self image issues move past them.

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