Which season are you?

No I’m not referring to the weather. Im referring to the season of life. The more I think about it, the more there are. Might be a hard extended time of your life, or perhaps a really fun one your currently in. So lets dive in.

1.The first I think about are what your currently doing professionally? Maybe your in a difficult part of your career whatever that looks like and trying to move up, putting in those long hours. When will it end? Then you tell yourself, “its just a season.” Maybe you got an opportunity away from family or a community you love and its something you need to take advantage of. Did you just get a huge promotion that you’ve been working toward and now you get to enjoy things a little more? These are seasons to me. There are the season we have to put in a lot more hustle to get where we want and we have to sacrifice things. Then the seasons where we reach our goals and get to enjoy the fruits of the labor.

2.Family seasons are what I think of next. Right now I’m in infant and toddler season. We try our best to have an adult life, but it now revolves around doing what we need to for small infants. We don’t get to have long dinners out with good friends anymore, which sucks because you start to loose touch. Fun nights are no longer as fun when you have tiny humans that are going to wake you up or need you much earlier than your ready for.

Then years down the line when they are grown, they move out. You now have to redefine who you are as a person and possibly a couple. You have the opportunities to start doing other things with your time when its not revolving around kids in your house. They no longer need you in the way they used to and your relationship with them needs to change.

Then there is the season when maybe there becomes another generation and roles continue to change. Traditions change from what they’ve been for years. There are more people to coordinate with. This also happens with friends as they go through the same changes. Some friends that used to be close drift away and you gain some new ones. Not to say you loose touch totally, you just have a lot going on.

3. I now think of that thing you think your supposed to do with your life. I was listening to someone a while ago and they talked about this. Everyone wants to know what their “thing” is, what they are meant to do that fulfills them. That could be anything. Their point that intrigued me was that people think they find it and they somehow find themselves unfulfilled.

Thinking back to my previous comments, with all the different seasons we go through and things we need to focus on, why does it have to be just one “thing?” Sort of like jobs. People are in one job they love and move onto different jobs or even careers all the time. They end up loving it and maybe finding a new passion. This made total sense to me. Why do we think we have one sole purpose, one thing we’re supposed to do in our lives? Why can’t we have a new purpose with each new season? Not to say we can’t keep doing the things we continue to love. But we can find new “things” we’re supposed to do.

The longer we live the more we experience, good and bad. We tend to use our experiences to do different things in life and discover new things. Its been an observation that the more we learn and grow, we discover new things we’d like to do. Some of those things may be crazy and some minor. I totally agreed with them though, we have new things to do and share with each new season we go through.

We live, we learn, (and then get LUVS)! Sorry, couldn’t help it. But really, we live our lives and learn about life and ourselves along the way. Its not always and easy lesson. Sometimes those are the best lessons that serve us and help us to serve others the most. So doing be afraid to experience new things with each new season. Keep doing the things you love. Every so often, re-evaluate the things that may not be relevant to you any longer.

Let me know what you think about the different seasons you’ve been in within your own life. How have they served you? If you want to get some wisdom or thoughts every week, follow me and you’ll know when a new post is out!

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