Worlds of Fun- Little Guy Style

World Of Fun- LIttle Guy Style

What do you think of when you think Worlds of Fun? I think of sweat, hot rides, and roller coasters that fill my adrenaline need. Growing up we used to go once a year with my sisters softball team. It was hot, but it was so much fun. I had not been in years so I was excited when I received an email from KC Parent Magazine to go. I already knew what the rides were and I wasn’t just going with my friends, I was taking my small kids. I was a little nervous. Cooper my 3 year old was tall enough to ride the rides alone if he wanted. Luke, my two year old, would either need my husband and I, or he would have to sit out. We ended up having a great experience, and here is why.

We normally try to do things as early as possible so we can work with our early afternoon nap time. We decided to go after nap time. We spend the first couple hours in camp snoopy. I was quite delighted to see Cooper could ride all of them himself although he wanted us to come with him. There was an area under which said, “May ride if accompanied by an adult.” Luke got to go on the rides! Seeing the look on Lukes face to be able to be on the fun rides was great.

There is a place in the middle which looks like an open circus tent meant to give kids some shade. Benches are on the side for adults to sit while kids run around. We needed to take a bathroom break and get a drink, this was the perfect place to meet back up and get out of the sun for a brief period.

After taking a break and grabbing a bite to eat, the heat started to die down and the rides were more enjoyable. I remember as a kid waiting in line for the popular rides and getting beat by the sun. When it was just me and my own friends, not a big deal. The lines were not long for the kid rides. We may have had to watch one round go and then we got to get on the ride. Making small children stand still in line is a hard task on its own. My boys did great because we didn’t have to ask them to wait long.

We ended up closing down the park. I did not expect to do this with two small kids on a hot day. Especially after my Cooper did not take a nap and typically gets a little testy toward the en of the day. He was distracted and great. He was excited, got enough walking in to be tired but not so much that we had to stop frequently.

The things which helped me:

  1. Get a cup- there are refill water stations and fountain drinks which contain Gatorade. We were able to use these to keep the kids and ourselves hydrated. They were excited because they got Gatorade and got to drink from a cool cup.
  2. Locate the restrooms before they are needed. They are decently easy to get to in Camp Snoopy if you know where they are and its not to big to go with kids.
  3. Stroller- I contemplated on taking our wagon, I’m happy we didn’t. We took a small umbrella stroller for Luke. It worked well since his small little legs can only carry him so fast and he didn’t get quite as tired. The ride attendants were great at letting us leave the stroller directly by them while on the ride. I was nervous to leave our stuff outside the gate.
  4. Go later in the day- it got hot but was very bearable toward the end of the day. We got lucky we got to take the kids home, give them a quick bath or shower to rinse of the sweat and sunscreen and put them in bed.

I wasn’t sure how our trip would end up with two smaller kids. As much as the rides weren’t the exhilarating ones my husband and I would normally go on, they were perfect for our kids. They got to go up higher, go in “fast” cars, and drive the boat. We enjoyed seeing them have so much fun. Camp Snoopy did not disappoint and is a fun but different thing to do. If your hesitant to take small kids to the big amusement park, reconsider with the use of these tips.

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